Bifurcating [verb]

Definition of Bifurcating:

divide into two branches

Synonyms of Bifurcating:

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Sentence/Example of Bifurcating:

The flaking used to bifurcate the stem appears to be of the same type as that used to bevel the stem edges.

The roads from Cagnes to Grasse and Vence bifurcate at the foot of the hill on which the castle is built.

He had a long bifurcate beard made of gold wire, feet like a bird's, and other rather startling anatomical features.

In the second form they bifurcate in the same mariner, but the two branches are spirals.

Distal apex bifid or bifurcate, with two thin parallel teeth.

It consists mainly of radiating fibres which bifurcate frequently in such a way that a bush-like structure is produced.

The dry conditions that open the cone and release the seeds cause the bifurcate base of the wing to grasp the nut more firmly.

Bifurcate: divided, not over half its length, into two dull points; forked.

So words grow and bifurcate, diverge and dwindle, until one root has many branches.

There are often smaller gills between the others, and sometimes they are two-forked (bifurcate), and are connected by veins.