Bifurcations [noun]

Definition of Bifurcations:

consequence, development

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Sentence/Example of Bifurcations:

View of the vocal chords opened to their widest extent, showing the windpipe to its bifurcation.

These segments were formed by the apparent bifurcation of furrows as they neared the surface of the germinal disc.

The bifurcation of the nerve then takes place over the summit of the posterior of the two divisions of the body-cavity, Pl.

A series of transverse sections through the point of bifurcation always exhibits the following features.

On the left the bifurcation of Mont-sous-les-Cotes is passed.

New tubes are formed only at the basal edge of the outer lamina, by the bifurcation of the septa which form the tubes.

Hence even the thin nectary is essentially, I infer, tripartite; hence its tendency to bifurcation at its top.

Above the cavern, 130 feet up the mountain, was a dark hole, above which the stream of lava made a bifurcation in its course.

At the bifurcation and back part of the trachea, the bronchial glands were numerous, and of a deep black colour.

The anti-helix should not be unduly prominent, and should have a well-marked bifurcation at its superior extremity.