Bigger [adjective]

Definition of Bigger:

large, great

Opposite/Antonyms of Bigger:

Sentence/Example of Bigger:

"This toadstool is growing bigger all the time," Grandfather Mole explained.

He had not the least idea what wadding was, and his notion of a bullet was a dockyard cannon-ball bigger than his own head.

And from my roost I could note the passing of anything bigger than a buffalo yearling, within a radius of at least six miles.

Well, we must try our luck with a regulation sabre; they can't well refuse it; ours is the stronger and bigger man.

The value of the bigger supply as a total would actually be less than that of the smaller.

He was a big man, and looked bigger than he was; good-looking too; ruddy, portly, well-dressed and formal.

One baas was bigger than the other, and on his chest and on his body were pictures of birds, and beasts, and strange things.

I wouldn't make a bigger one for anybody—not even for Farmer Green himself.

Two years older than Gerald, he is not so tall, but bigger, and altogether less graceful.

No, indeed, I shan't miss it, and you won't unless you're a bigger—I mean more unwise than I think you.