Biggest [adjective]

Definition of Biggest:

large, great

Opposite/Antonyms of Biggest:

Sentence/Example of Biggest:

Don't waste your valuable time looking for the biggest angleworm in the garden!

I wouldn't part for a second with the certainty that I am the biggest figure in young England to-day.

It was from the biggest face that the voice had come, and Dorothy responded with a courteous "Good-morning!"

What would follow, the Biggest Boy did not say; but he had pulled off his coat, and there was none to dispute him.

My smithy lies yonder, beyond that turn of the road and behind the biggest oak tree in the country.

Jess broke all the eggs into the biggest bowl and beat them vigorously with a spoon until they were light and foamy.

The Governor purposely had the biggest American horses and the largest vehicles brought out to make an impression.

Then he spoke of Ruby Ann, the biggest woman he ever saw, he believed, and just the one for a school-teacher.

Seems funny to think of him having the biggest Indians buffaloed, but he's done it, and he's buffaloed the white folks, too.

Schwartzmann has tied me up for ready cash, and he represents the biggest competitors we have.