Biggish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Biggish:

A biggish sea running, subsiding as the day went on—and my mind grew calmer with the waves.

Jake an' I done some biggish trips together in the old days, and I'll do that much for'm.

It was biggish stuff that was coming in, at a longish range; and it was coming in on business, not on pleasure.

I'm out on the green cloth, out a biggish sum, but I can't leave off.

What with the specie from the wreck and the opium-money, it comes to a biggish deal.

This is a pretty little black beetle, with a pale, velvety abdomen; a spherical insect, as large as a biggish cherry-stone.

He is a biggish grey gentleman with stripes across his middle, and he is horribly hard to notice unless we get quite close to him.

She was always a rare one for the sea, and owned a biggish boat in her father's time.

You were tired of paying—for nothing—a biggish annual sum to this old man.

"Yes, it's a biggish place here," said Kalle, drawing himself up.