Bights [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bights:

Harry had already made a bowline in a bight at the end of a line.

Toggle: A pin placed through the bight or eye of a rope to secure it round a stay, mast, etc.

Peaks, on the main topmast-stay, caught Howe in the very act of passing the gasket through the bight of the buntline.

I was deep in the bottle-neck bight of the sands, jammed on a lee shore, and a strong flood tide sweeping me on.

Reaching the rope over his head, he went up, hand over hand, till he had slack enough to make a bight for one of his feet.

It had increased considerably, but Shad had set his heart upon reaching Wolf Bight that night, and he did not wish to stop.

An' if you opens a little store here at th' Bight next summer, th' rest of you can 'tend un when Bob's inside trappin'.

If we had no scouting submarines we would have had to keep a ring of destroyers out to watch the Bight.

There were two of our submarines in the Heligoland Bight patrol, diving in adjacent areas.

We knew you had submarines all round the Bight, and our ships even saw periscopes, but no torpedoes came.