Bijou [noun]

Definition of Bijou:

precious stone

Synonyms of Bijou:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bijou:


Sentence/Example of Bijou:

Haggard and his wife sat in the little drawing-room of their bijou house in May Fair.

She had succeeded Olympe Bijou in the old fellow's affections.

The model prison at Pentonville is an architectural bijou, but terribly expensive.

Hers had just presented her with a lovely coupe, lined with yellow satin, a perfect bijou.

The footman showed him into the small drawing-room of the baroness, a bijou of a room, furnished in gilt and crimson satin.

It is a bijou, built under her own eye, by her own architect, and it is quite unique in its simplicity and lightness.

Why, what is the most perfect bijou of a poem in the English language?

"You don't laugh, at any rate," said Pierrot, turning to Bijou and blushing furiously.

Oh, Bijou, my dear, it is not at all nice of you to act like that with your poor old cousin.

"It has only been a passing fancy that I have had for Bijou," he said.