Biked [verb]

Definition of Biked:

to bicycle

Synonyms of Biked:



Opposite/Antonyms of Biked:


Sentence/Example of Biked:

There’s also the risk that your dog pulls the bike off balance.

When I heard a friend had several bikes ripped off in the Bay Area, he blamed himself.

While conventional bike sales declined slightly in 2018 and 2019, e-bikes soared more than 50%, according to data from market research firm NPD.

They worked out on a treadmill or bike, starting at 30 minutes per day.

The personal computer, the mountain bike, the artificial pancreas — none of these came from some big R&D lab, but from users tinkering in their homes.

"It was very good of you to help the kiddie with her bike," said Johnny, as he splashed the petrol into the tank.

To 1902 belong the first illustrations of the motor-bicycle and of "trailers" attached to the "push-bike."

If you buy a Kryptonite bike lock and it can be defeated with a Bic pen, you're not getting very good security for your money.

And Jimmy, the mean cur, not to have got her that shop, when she had such a splendid idea: Lady Godiva on a bike!

But he said all that the much-abused "bike" needed was a brake.