Biking [verb]

Definition of Biking:

to bicycle

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Sentence/Example of Biking:

Someone looking to “buy a bike” in Atlanta will see different suggestions than someone using the same query in New York.

On building bike lanes and making way for the type of new development that will let the city hit other key climate goals, the Council hasn’t done much.

He also came off his bike twice and had a bloody leg to show for it.

This geometry makes the bike more grounded, providing confidence at high speeds and on challenging terrain.

Strapping your tube to your bike could also allow you to pack a light layer.

Sanchez said her focus is on improving public transportation, building separated bike lanes and crosswalks, and argued the Council should focus on increasing density in Oceanside to make it a more walkable city.

With conventional oil-based lubes, I go through three a year on my daily-driver gravel bike, plus at least one each year for my road and mountain bikes, which I ride a bit less.

All of the major bike manufacturers have been working on e-bikes for several generations now, while other auto manufacturers like Jeep have recently gotten into the market either on their own or as part of partnerships with other manufacturers.

Ibis made sure that its 120-millimeter Ripley, which debuted in 2013, fit cyclists down to five foot one, because that was the height of the company’s co-owner and bike designer, Roxy Lo.

I care about cyclist safety and have been a proponent for adding bike lanes in towns where I’ve lived.