Bilateral [adjective]

Definition of Bilateral:

having two sides

Synonyms of Bilateral:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bilateral:

Sentence/Example of Bilateral:

Sinan Ülgen, a former Turkish diplomat who now chairs the Istanbul-based think tank Edam, says Turkey and Russia would strive to find a way through the conflict without harming their bilateral relationship.

Several wealthy countries have already negotiated bilateral deals with Covid-19 vaccine developers to secure vaccines for their citizens.

By taking a purely “me-first,” bilateral approach, not only do those governments risk ending up with no vaccines at all, but they also expose their citizens to the risk of resurgence by leaving the majority of the world to go without.

Given that many governments are now in bilateral negotiations with manufacturers to secure the doses they need, even before it is known whether the vaccine will succeed, we are now at a critical juncture.

Quite bilateral, not leveraging our allies and partners who have shared interests with us and who have some of the same issues with China, and not leveraging the power of a coalition in confronting China on some of these issues.

In rare instances the eruption has been observed to be bilateral.

Till the close of stage C the mesoblast retains its primitive bilateral condition unaltered.

The cells of both layers are quite continuous across the median line, and exhibit no trace of a bilateral arrangement.

On the other hand, the cnidaria develop into higher radial (star-shaped) persons, and the platodes into lower bilateral persons.

The bilateral-symmetrical type is general among the higher animals which move about freely.