Bilbo [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bilbo:

Give me the loop-hole of a good bilbo-thrust, out of which the soul wings its flight in a comfortable manner.

I was knocked senseless in the fight, after I had put my bilbo through your comely brother.

When we made our last share-crop, father farmed on Senator Bilbo's mother's farm on the State line.

He can't hurt you—he has broken his bilbo across—the symbol of gentility.

Some of them belonged to the crowd who opposed Bilbo Grundy's fabulous invention.

I have brought you a couple of dictionaries; let us see if your highness can find out the Latin for bilbo.

That was the one basic mistake that we, and everyone else, made when we discussed the Bilbo Grundy Projector.

Shakspeare humorously describes Falstaff in the buck-basket, like a good bilbo, coiled hilt to point.

The French marine still use a kind of leg-iron of the bilbo type.

The real thing—not the Bilbo Grundy toy, but real physical time travel.