Bilboes [noun]

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I've got the bridge right ahead, and the bilboes dead aft: I calls that good steerage, boy.

Then, if we do not obey their foolish rules, they nab us when we come into port again, and fine us—perhaps put us in the bilboes.

Whether the Spanish Armada story is true or not, bilboes were certainly much used on board ship.

The next year another Newe-towne man, being penitent, Henry Bright, was set in the bilboes for “swearynge.”

He also suffered in the bilboes for cursing, for “prophane saying dam ye come.”

I would not be over-severe upon the bilboes in their special use in those early colonial settlements.

One was, to set the poor wretches in the stocks, or the bilboes, rubbing chillies into the eyes to keep them from going to sleep.

The old-fashioned arrangement of iron bars called the "bilboes" was fastened to the bulkhead at the bow end of the alleyway.

And this Littell, being taken and sent to Firando to be heard, broake out of the bilboes and sled (sic) we know not whither.

Spanish bilboes, made of iron likewise, to yoke the English prisoners two and two.