Bilge [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bilge:

This resembled the old bilge-water of a ship for foulness, but both men and oxen drank of it with avidity.

An external bilge keel about 300 feet long and 25 inches deep was fitted along the bilge amidships.

Then at last it came alongside, and he crawled cautiously down the curve of the bilge and secured it.

Along about sunrise Mr. Pellett stirred in the bilge and raised a peagreen face.

Her passenger spent the night praying in the bilge; and as for her commander, he left no report.

Last night was very cold, and this morning there was ice on the lake, and the bilge-water in the boat was frozen solid.

With the rocking of the boat, the foul bilge-water washed around the child's limbs and back.

Those steamers, it seemed to me, had big bilge keels, for as the tide ebbed they did not heel over.

She wants some pitch run into her bilge seams, too, and won't be ready for an hour or longer.

There appeared every probability that, when the tide became lower, the ship would fall over on her bilge and be destroyed.