Bilged [verb]

Definition of Bilged:

blow up like a balloon

Synonyms of Bilged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bilged:

Sentence/Example of Bilged:

About the same time Captain Purvis, while chasing a French ship, got his vessel on a ledge of rocks, where she was bilged.

And further the Depon'ts say not; but that the said Pink is Bilged on shoare, so that it is impossible to get her off.

We cruised around the gulf a few days, and again stood for San Blass; running upon a reef we bilged our vessel.

Captain Stokes found the vessel lying on the rocks, bilged, and an utter wreck.

The vessel was soon got off again, but she had bilged in the starboard coal-bunker.

As Smooth is a national Christian, he believes the timbers of the old ship tough and strong, or they had been bilged ere this.

He cast another fond look at her as she lay bilged on the cruel rocks.

This barrel trick is only performed when a boat is bilged and full of water.

In consequence of this our boats were frequently in imminent danger of being bilged on the rocks.

The second ship made no attempt to engage: her crew ran her ashore, and deserted, leaving her bilged in shallow water.