Biliousnesses [noun]

Definition of Biliousnesses:

sickness in stomach; revulsion

Synonyms of Biliousnesses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Biliousnesses:

Sentence/Example of Biliousnesses:

Antibilious, an′ti-bil′yus, adj. of use against biliousness.

There are some people, and not a few, who cannot take milk without suffering from indigestion or biliousness.

When taken in this form it certainly causes indigestion as well as biliousness.

These precautions will often serve to avoid the biliousness which so frequently spoils the first few days of the holiday.

No wonder we hear of spring fever and spring biliousness, and have thousands of nostrums for clearing the blood in the spring.

It is of special service in dyspepsia, biliousness, rheumatism, etc.

You find the very whites of your eyes turning yellow with biliousness.

A foolish human mother would have been alarmed and would have hurried to the medicine closet for a remedy for biliousness.

It was the misfortune of Miss Salmon to suffer periodically and acutely from biliousness (which she called neuralgia).

Hence it must be avoided by individuals with a tendency to biliousness or to any disease in which the liver is involved.