Bilking [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Bilking:

Bubbly, I contrived to bilk the doctor, by going twice a day to a place with a hole in it, over some large cookery vapours.

But wouldn't it have been a dirty act to bilk him of his money, all the more as it would have been so easy?

Im so contented now Im getting over-weight, and youd bilk me again.

Have you set another man on the track with a view to bilk me of my promised fee?

A new planet of the eleventh magnitude was discovered by Luther, at the observatory of Bilk, near Dusseldorf.

We observe that a new planet has been discovered at Bilk, in Germany.

It's all a fetch to bilk me out of my reckoning; but I'll take care of you, you swindler!

Dost thou not wish to pass this gorge, and bilk the toll that's due save I use force to get it?

In the suburb of Bilk there are the Floragarten and Volksgarten, the astronomical observatory and the harbour.

Well, dont grumble—every one must pay for his learning—and you wouldnt bilk the schoolmaster, would you?