Billed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Billed:

My next duty was to see that every one of the 150 consignees received the goods that were billed to him.

No, but they claim to take our goods billed for any French port, and as many men as they choose to call English.

The large-billed water-thrush is much the superior songster, but the present species has a very bright and cheerful strain.

The town was billed, the daily press was worked in true circus fashion, the crowd came and expressed various opinions.

The long-billed curlew, or sickle bill as it is often called, is a plentiful resident in all suitable localities.

And who was to know whether a car billed through to New York, was really going beyond Chicago or not?

Of course you wouldn't like to be a duck-billed mole—nobody would, but I always thought it would be rather nice to be a beaver.

But if we can hardly look a crab in the eye and keep a straight face, what would we do if we met a duck-billed mole?

He is billed as that and known all the world over, though he only began to play in public three years ago when his wife left him.

I found the Short-billed Marsh Wren quite abundant, and in such localities as it is found eastward.