Billfolds [noun]

Definition of Billfolds:

tote for carrying personal items

Synonyms of Billfolds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Billfolds:


Sentence/Example of Billfolds:

Did you learn anything during your investigation of the Ruby case about the billfold and the ignition case in the car?

He drew out his billfold and handed the nearest man his identification card.

I do hope you turn this billfold over to police and forget about suspicious characters.

“Guess I will,” Penny decided, replacing the card in the billfold and wrapping them both in her handkerchief.

Unable to talk to any of the detectives connected with the dynamiting case, she left the billfold with a desk sergeant.

Witness then takes the driver's license from billfold and hands to Mr. Jenner.

He transferred his belongings to the new clothes, and opened his billfold to audit his dwindling resources.

The Hungarian showed the faithless creature a billfold with greenbacks in it, promised her a silk dress and a permanent.

Bob reached into his inner coat pocket, drew forth his billfold, and produced the badge.

“Not at all,” said Candron, taking a billfold from his inside coat pocket.