Billhooks [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Billhooks:

Keep them to yourself, or, by George, we'll take 'em off with a billhook!

A soldier pointed out to the king a billhook which he had seized on the person of the vagabond.

“I will not be long absent, depend upon that,” said Mr Billhook, as he jumped into the boat and pulled away for the shore.

In his insane fury he had attempted to slash at one of my men with a billhook he carried.

They attach to their waist-string or cloth a billhook and knife, and carry their bows and arrows slung on their shoulders.

Looking up, billhook in hand as a horseman struck sparks from the ride by the walk, he recognized Philip Taverney.

Here he took the billhook and the saw from his assistant, and strode on, swinging one of the tools in each hand.

"Set up the ladder here, Joseph," he said, pointing with the billhook to indicate the place.

He came slowly down the ladder and, surrendering his billhook to Joseph, advanced and proffered a tremulous white hand.

"Up thee goest, gaffer," said Joseph, handing over the little old lady's head the billhook and the saw.