Billies [noun]

Definition of Billies:

police baton

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Sentence/Example of Billies:

And saying a hasty good afternoon, he popped through his doorway and vanished at Billy Woodchuck's feet.

And being very fond of clover blossoms, Billy hated to spend his time digging.

There was only one reason why Billy Woodchuck didn't exactly care to dig a new home for himself in the pasture just then.

Billy Woodchuck exclaimed, for he had heard somewhere that if you want a thing done, you should get a busy person to do it.

And he had already turned away, as if the business were ended, when Billy Woodchuck stopped him again.

Billy Woodchuck soon saw that Grandfather Mole was a stubborn old fellow.

Stop and try a ride, Billy, urged Lance Darby, holding the cord of the tugging kite.

Billy Towler—alias Walleye—looked after him with an air of uncertainty.

Billy Towler recovered himself, however, and received it as it was meant, in perfect good humour.

Billy Towler pursed his little red lips as he nodded his small head and winked one of his large blue eyes.