Billing [verb]

Definition of Billing:

charge money for goods, services

Synonyms of Billing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Billing:


Sentence/Example of Billing:

But it was large enough to prevent Mr. Billing from securing his usual seat.

By prohibiting the manufacture of starch the Government has done something to please Mr. Pemberton-Billing.

Wery difrent, I can tell you, from all the hammerous billing and kewing which had proceeded their nupshuls.

Modern billing systems make it possible to tabulate certain of these statistics when the bills are made.

Now, for one month to come, to say the least, I shall be made perfectly sick with their billing and cooing.

They made small grottoes in the snow-drifts, and many pairs were seen billing and cooing in such shelters.

I want to tell you that I was very, very glad to learn from your letter that you had been promoted to the billing desk.

They had done away with billing and cooing in the old sense, and what they had substituted seemed to satisfy them.

Indeed, he is fabled by the poets to be responsible for the billing and cooing of the whole creation.

All he thought of was the love making period—the billing and cooing and the transports of delight which come with it.