Billings [noun]

Definition of Billings:

promotion of something, someone

Opposite/Antonyms of Billings:

Sentence/Example of Billings:

Week in, week out, Jim Billings led that hard life, and he grew up brawny and sound in spite of all his troubles.

I am grieved to say that Mr. Billings remarked, "Let's go aboard the blank, and capsize the whole blank trunk."

When the toil was over Jim Billings went below with his mates, and their dripping clothes soon covered the cabin floor with slush.

I know that Jim Billings was a dangerous untamed animal; he is now a jolly, but quiet fellow.

Susie Billings, minus her khaki and cartridges, looked the picture of demureness in white muslin and baby-blue ribbons.

Afternoon: Billings asked for an extension on that note today, but I saw no reason why I should grant him any such thing.

Two of us held his head while Billings the blacksmith fished out the stone and tapped the shoe nails tight.

New edition, with finely executed engravings from original designs by Billings.

Put one of your men on that wagon there, and go with him, and take this letter to Capt. Billings, over at the saw-mill.

Si was getting a little the better of Billings, and184 the General's sympathies naturally went toward the loser.