Billingsgate [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Billingsgate:

Another night we went together over to the Queen's Shades, near Billingsgate.

There is a keen pleasure you wot not of, my lad, in listening to Billingsgate and Spitalfields howl maledictions upon you.

The practice is only a modification of Billingsgate, cover it with what elegant device we may.

It is not yet quite a score of years since the present Billingsgate Market was completed.

Billingsgate fought that hard battle against royalty with great resolution, and ultimately won.

And in such fashion is business carried on at Billingsgate every morning, amid a turbulence not to be described.

It is much as if the street-dealers were connected with Billingsgate by electric wires.

Billingsgate salesmen have lately been supplied with advance copies of the new Codoyster fish.

They were, many of them, masterpieces of pictorial Billingsgate.

The introduction of steamboats has much altered the aspect of Billingsgate.