Billion [noun]

Definition of Billion:

a lot

Synonyms of Billion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Billion:


Sentence/Example of Billion:

Actually, we are at our starting point billions of miles away!

Not for nothing has the ice world been grinding through this narrow channel for billions of years.

Billions upon billions of dollars worth of generating equipment were rendered valueless.

So now we have a national tobacco bill that runs up to two billions, and will insure us a new generation of "Class C" rating.

These are Federal Reserve notes, and there are about three billions of them; how do they come to be?

It cost a million human lives and five billions of treasure, and it set American civilization back a generation.

It is billions of billions multiplied by billions of billions, and these multiplied again and again by billions of billions.

It's made of billions of micro-miniaturized transistors that can be configured to run any program you can imagine.

She was breaking up the video into billions of pieces and hiding each of them in a normal message to a DNS server.

This would mean a war debt of almost twenty-one billions of dollars.