Billowed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Billowed:

Then as a thin cloud of dust billowed up from the fallen rocks, a vision of its war potential burst upon him.

Its great spread of canvas billowed over many new and novel attractions.

Selina had taken off her black lace pelisse, and from head to foot was in white, fine lawn, that billowed round the gilt chair.

Then a jet of steam and smoke burst from the funnel, while white clouds billowed from the neighbourhood of the cylinders.

The full sleeves billowed out, the black head-cloths hung down to a point.

Beneath their ringing strokes the forests disappeared, and on the prairies waved the billowed seas of wheat and corn.

Clouds of dense smoke billowed upward, their under surfaces vividly illuminated by the ruddy reflection of the leaping flames.

Then there is the middle-sized bear whose bloomers, billowed by the wind, become a ridiculous fat woman cut off at the waist.

Even that was tainted, for a fried-fish shop across the way and a public-house next door billowed forth their nauseating odours.

A cloud of white smoke billowed above the clump of cedars at the bend of the track.