Billowier [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Billowier:

It blew out of the canyon-mouth like a gust from a chimney, rolling over and over in billowy masses.

Had there been a thaw, the surface would have hardened, but now they were forced to move the logs through loose, billowy drifts.

The white steps were in tune with the billowy clouds, and the scarlet pillar-box at the corner had a friendly, human smile.

Forest and open country lay spread out beneath, extending away in billowy roll for miles upon miles into dim, misty distance.

Across rolling "downs" of soft, billowy snow we floundered for twenty-four miles, on the two following days.

He made her his bow, plying a broad straw hat and a billowy handkerchief of tussore silk.

The trader sat back again, plying his billowy silk handkerchief.

Over the billowy grain, cloud shadows chase each other as if in play.

The smoke used to bank itself in a dense billowy black canopy over the town, and hide the sky from view.

All these swept away in a vast billowy ocean of wilderness to become dim in the purple of distance.