Billowing [verb]

Definition of Billowing:


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Sentence/Example of Billowing:

The white road lay like a carelessly flung thread on the billowing plateau land.

There was an instant of quiet, then dust spurted from the deep hole, followed by billowing clouds of pulverized rock.

From where Tam hung he could see billowing smoke clouds appear in every direction.

They fell backwards in a sudden expansion of rubbery wings, as though they had stumbled into billowing dark canvas.

They leapt athwart clouds of smoke which drove, billowing, across the sky, sprayed by showers of sparks.

Flowers were everywhere, doors stood open, and breezes blew in at the windows, billowing the straight scrim curtains.

From beneath the billowing, flounced skirt the two satin points of her slippers showed.

And gradually the earnest, immovable uniformity of accentuation is changed into a more billowing, rhythmic fluidity.

But no description is given of the figure seated on it; only His train—the billowing folds of His robes—filled the temple.

He could see only waves of yellow sand, billowing and moving all around him like sea waves; and it was sea as well as desert.