Binaries [noun]

Definition of Binaries:

two of something

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Sentence/Example of Binaries:

The bright star Capella is an excellent illustration of these spectroscopic binaries.

The pale binaries sat stolidly on the horizon, forty degrees apart.

Most of the spectroscopic binaries appear to be upon a smaller scale than the telescopic ones.

In observations of spectroscopic binaries we do not always get a double spectrum.

We find in practice that the parent colours do not, with material colours, produce the theoretical binaries.

Great numbers of binaries of this type have since then been discovered, all of short period.

Of course all the variable stars are to be found among the spectroscopic binaries.

This star was one of the first discovered and most remarkable "spectroscopic binaries."

Spectroscopic binaries have relatively short periods, one of the shortest known being only 35 hours in length.

Of those V Puppis and β Lyræ are known spectroscopic binaries.