Binary [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Binary:

It’s interested in the time she spends crossing the barrier between gender binaries.

A small percentage declined to state or identified as non-binary.

Each pixel received a binary 1 or 0 depending on whether or not it contained part of the image.

She found herself forced to explain an entirely different social world by relying only on the binary categories of female and male that she knew from her own society.

Instead of using traditional binary code, which represents information with 0s and 1s, they use quantum bits, or qubits.

“This isn’t some binary function that suddenly has a jump,” said Chris Kempes, a physical biologist at the Santa Fe Institute who was not involved in the work.

Under asphalt and painted lines, an invisible road in binary to keep these machines on track.

Instead of male or female, non-binary people can feel like they’re both genders, neither or somewhere in the middle.

On this principle is founded the admirable binary nomenclature of botany and zoology.

This is illustrated by the two cylinders of the compound engine and by the duplication noticed in the binary engine.