Binder [noun]

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Then, seeing no need to waste time, the corporal rode towards Courthorne's homestead, and found its owner stripping a binder.

Then Winston recognized them, and made a sign to one of the men behind him as he hauled his binder clear of the wheat.

Takes time, of course, but the sharp grit puts down the grain like a binder knife, if it blows through the field long enough.

A week or so after the supper party Festing started for the settlement with some pieces of a binder in his wagon.

At first, manufacturers of vertical filing equipment supplied nothing more substantial than boxes made of binder's board.

The first of these, in paper wrappers, are undoubtedly the result of Whitman's impatience at the delays of the binder.

Here is another instance of the increased value of a copy of a book bound by a good binder.

The whole was finished at last, after many a pleasant discussion and reunion scene, and the books were sent to the binder.

The second purpose of the League was to act as the binder, and in a way, the administrative force of the present existing Treaty.

During the early weeks he had found a thick loose-leaf binder in the back of one of the desk drawers.