Bindings [adjective]

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During its initial experimental phase, the GPC signal is not intended to convey legally binding requests.

While it has 30 days to scrub any offending contract clauses and comply with the legally binding agreement.

The binding is made from tough wire that, unlike traditional spiral notebooks, won’t bend in a backpack or pocket.

With 192 pages of acid-free and a strong binding, your loved one will be able to hold onto this notebook for years to come.

When Softbank bought Arm in 2016 it avoided this kind of review, in part due its legally binding commitment on jobs.

It is easily inflated and features integrated wooden ski trainers and bindings to get your future back-flipper on their way.

Again, common law decisions are not binding on the courts that make them like statutes or legislative commands.

Whatever reason the transaction affords for binding the former, it supplies for holding the latter bound.

A benefit conferred, in the honest, though mistaken, belief that such a promise is binding ought in justice to be restored.

But then she had sworn, and to some people, and Georgie was one of these, an oath remains ever binding.