Binds [noun]

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This New York Times story suggests that the double bind has a sibling—I’ll call it the motherhood bind.

The Broadsheet has spent plenty of time covering the “double bind” that women face in the workplace.

That’s the chicken-and-egg situation that has left indoor farms in a bind the world over until now, Teng points out.

To accomplish this next stage of capitalism, we must shake ourselves from the binds of a false narrative, the one that pits the interests of stakeholders against the interests of shareholders.

Many students are taking Mitsch’s advice, and that’s putting colleges in a bind.

They have a living faith in the potency of the Horse-Guards, and in the maxim that "Safe bind is sure find."

He had, however, torn the leg of one of his stockings: so he asked Amy to bind up his wounds.

Oaths taken in courts of judicature, civil or religious, and the marriage oath, bind the parties in like manner.

In one word, to the whole worship of God the soul that clings to His Covenant will cordially bind itself in his dread presence.

There is none to judge thy judgment to bind it up: thou hast no healing medicines.