Bing [noun]

Definition of Bing:

subcutaneous injection

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Sentence/Example of Bing:

Bing tea grows on a different shrub, the leaves of which are thicker and larger than those of other kinds.

At last an old sailor said, "There's a little boat a-bob-bing up and down out there, and I think it has two little chaps in it."

The child had for a long while after their coming, constantly repeated at every meal "Dinah, bing milk."

And then the boy gets up quicker than he fell and jerks out his little pearl-handle, and—bing!

Man's first interstellar trip had taken nearly five years at sublight velocities, and bing!

We were sitting there talking things over when we heard a roaring noise overhead, and a bing-bang!

A certain quantity of crude ore is delivered to them, and their work is valued by the bing, a measure containing 14 cwt.

Ven he hef shtop to run und sit oop soh, bei der hind laigs on, I oop mit der guhn und—bing!

Three or four years earlier, when Penrod was seven or eight, he would have shouted "Bing!"

Scrī′bing; Scrī′bing-com′pass, an instrument used in saddlery and cooper-work; Scrī′bism.