Bingles [noun]

Definition of Bingles:

hit allowing baseball player to advance

Synonyms of Bingles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bingles:


Sentence/Example of Bingles:

I have already informed you that my name is not Bingle and I have now to add that neither is it Cann.

Turn in, Gadsby, and I'll bring Bingle back—ahem—'hell-for-leather.'

One and all, individually and collectively, they are there with the healthy bingle.

I wish Joe was a better hitter, but maybe he can knock out a bingle that will do the trick.

He spent his life searching for specimens of the Bingle-weed and the five-leaved Funglebid.

When in funds, Bingle went where he chose; when a little short, Jenks had his patronage.

"I fought you were going to play wiv me, Mr. Bingle," sighed Margery to herself.

Here, Gaddy, take the chit to Bingle and ride hell-for-leather.