Bingos [noun]

Definition of Bingos:

game depending on luck

Synonyms of Bingos:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bingos:


Sentence/Example of Bingos:

And Bingo answered with a sigh, "I suppose a fellow has to go to bed even after a Freshman fire."

Just imagine, a little suggestion and, bingo, all this is the result.

Binks (Sir Bingo), a fox-hunting baronet, and visitor at the Spa.

Bingo galloped on, and she fell to the ground, striking her head against the iron-bound stake at the edge of the ring.

The "tumblers" arranged themselves around the ring with paper hoops; Bingo was fairly racing.

This was the second time to-day that Bingo had been led away without going into the ring.

Bingo arrived as an absurd little black tub of puppiness, warranted (by a pedigree as long as your arm) to grow into a Pekinese.

It was Celia's idea to call him Bingo; because (a ridiculous reason) as a child she had had a poodle called Bingo.

In one moment Bingo had lost both his great-grandfather and his great-great-grandfather!

It has determined Bingo unalterably to grow up in the right way.