Bins [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bins:

The laundry bins can be carried over to your washer and then slide back into the bamboo frame.

You can buy collapsible buckets made for this task, or just bring some plastic bins from home.

Better yet, collect dirty water in a bin and pour it in a cathole when you’re done to avoid attracting wildlife.

Trash would overflow every bin and was stuck in every compartment.

These days I’m into storage bins, label makers, and color-coordinated folders.

He told Horner you'd bin shot resistin' arrest, an' wanted t' see her afore yuh cashed in.

Our picture shows a bin of crude up-river Para the finest rubber known.

As soon as he gets Miss Holland they go up by leaps and bounds, and it's bin goin' steady ever since.

Uncle Bin never flung that accusation at women if they were merely implicated.

No, Sir, what you smell ain't incense—on'y the vaults after the damp weather we've bin 'aving.