Biological [adjective]

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concerning life

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Genes in hand, we could perhaps tap those biological phonelines and cut the wires leading to aging.

Now though, researchers from the Graz University of Technology in Austria think they may have found a way to approach the power of deep learning using a biological plausible learning approach that works with spiking neural networks.

The smiley faces were an early example of DNA origami, a method of folding DNA—the biological hardware on which life’s code is written—into biomolecular machines.

Activating the upstream biological neuron with chemicals also changed the artificial neuron’s conductance in a way that mimicked learning.

In short, as a clinical neuropsychologist who has studied biological underpinnings of health and disease, I think this is a limited view.

Mark Honigsbaum, City, University of LondonPandemics are not only biological phenomena but also social phenomena.

The researchers created a device that was able to filter blood in a way similar to biological nephrons.

Rather than controlling a life-changing decision, think of it more as steering the monkey’s biological “cameras” towards one target rather than another, like an extra pair of hands at the wheel.

In other areas, though, the approach has the potential to improve on biological eyes.

That loneliness is a biological drive that motivates us to seek out others.