Biologists [noun]

Definition of Biologists:

wildlife expert

Synonyms of Biologists:

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Sentence/Example of Biologists:

The biologist is supplied with laboratories at home and abroad, where he may study his science under the best conditions.

Hunter, our biologist, was very unfortunate in crushing some of his fingers while carrying a heavy case.

The biologist found various kinds of petrels on Shoe Island, where the turf was riddled in all directions by their burrows.

You have seen a mesmerist or biologist, or whatever-you-call-him-ist, communicate with a man under his spell without speech.

The biologist stood by the ship and watched as the executive walked to the row of sleeping colonists.

The biologist picked up the mangled dog and headed toward the laboratory.

The mesmerist and the electro-biologist will fail upon an average with nine patients out of ten—so may the evil spirit.

He was a Philosophical Biologist in the new and nascent sense of the middle period of the nineteenth century.

To the biologist, however, worms are among the most interesting forms of lower animal life.

He was an electro-biologist, and Lily had been terrified by his performances.