Bionomics [noun]

Definition of Bionomics:

environmental science

Synonyms of Bionomics:

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Sentence/Example of Bionomics:

Observations on the life-history and bionomics of Phlebotomus papatasii.

A study of its structure, development, bionomics, and economy.

General observations on the bionomics of the rodent and human flies.

In spite of this extensive compilation, the limitations of present information about cockroach bionomics must be kept in mind.

Distribution, general bionomics, and recognition characters of two cockroaches recently established in the United States.

The oviposition of Dermestes ater DeGeer, with notes on bionomics under laboratory conditions.

Much as has been learnt of the bionomics of the sea, it is but a commencement; and this is of course especially true of deep seas.

Bionomics: the habits, breeding and adaptations of living forms.

The differentiations of structure that characterize Bionomics.

This has been lately furnished by Professor Patrick Geddes, who has chosen the term bionomics.