Biotic [adjective]

Definition of Biotic:

basic, natural

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Sentence/Example of Biotic:

This other doubt is a passionate doubt, it is the eternal conflict between reason and feeling, science and life, logic and biotic.

These contact zones are, in a special sense, the province of geography in both its physical and its biotic aspects.

Each of these has varying combinations of physical and biotic factors that are important in the ecology of amphibians.

The last is like that described for the Tamaulipan Biotic Province.

Within these zones certain ecologic communities can be recognized; these represent several biotic provinces.

The Californian Biotic Province dominates the biotic aspect of the coastal slope of the range.

The major part of this biotic area lies within the Lower Sonoran Life-zone.

These birds are widely distributed and vary geographically without corresponding to the Biotic Provinces.

The Tropical barrier separates the Tamaulipan and Veracruzian biotic provinces.

The mammalia fauna of the Veracruzian Biotic Province is tropical in nature.