Bipartisan [adjective]

Definition of Bipartisan:

having two of something

Synonyms of Bipartisan:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bipartisan:


Sentence/Example of Bipartisan:

That’s why I joined Democrats and Republicans to push for a bipartisan solution.

This groundswell of bipartisan support has opened a rare window of opportunity for the next administration and Congress.

It’s unclear by what amount Democrats would be willing to reduce the enhanced unemployment benefit, or their offer for a broad stimulus bill, in order to get a bipartisan bill passed.

This vote comes as Democrats and Republicans have struggled for weeks to come to terms on a bipartisan stimulus package.

Several more nuanced, bipartisan reform proposals do contain ingredients worth considering.

Antitrust enforcement against Google has become a rare issue of broad bipartisan agreement.

“Ending this epidemic is clearly a bipartisan issue,” he said.

The United States Postal Service is one of the few agencies that almost always receives bipartisan support among Democrats and Republicans.

So senators risk very little by attaching their names to such measures, and they get to claim bipartisan records regardless of their actual voting behavior.

He’s really attacked a bipartisan consensus in favor of free trade, American military engagement.