Bipartite [adjective]

Definition of Bipartite:

having two of something

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Sentence/Example of Bipartite:

A red or a bipartite Umbrella or Parasol is the invariable sign of the umbrella-maker.

In geometry, a bipartite curve consists of two distinct branches (see Parabola, figs. 3, 5).

The style, which varies much in length, is simple, with an undivided or bilobed or bipartite stigma.

The species with distinctly bipartite and radiated fronds are Ad.

Bipartite, bi′part-īt, or bī-prt′īt, adj. divided into two like parts.

It was bipartite, and rather on the incongruous principle discountenanced in the Horatian Epistle to the Pisos.

But as they mostly consist of two quite unequal parts, they certainly stand in a closer relationship to the bipartite stanzas.

But those of six lines may belong either to the bipartite (a a a, a a a) or to the tripartite class (a a, a a, a a).

This important class of bipartite unequal-membered anisometrical stanzas was very much in vogue in the Middle English period.

The simplest bipartite equal-membered stanza is that of two isometrical verses only.