Biped [adjective]

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Movement to know that she was attired in appropriate costume—short frock, biped continuations and a mannish oil-skin hat.

In short, the biped attitude was much the best suited to its organization and the one it was most likely to assume.

How far back he may have existed as a man-like biped is another question, which we are not likely soon to solve.

Was a "man" a biped with certain easily recognized physical characteristics?

I will merely say, at this time, that the creature referred to is an amphibious biped and inhabits the ocean near this coast.

An Irishman is an incomplete biped—a human tower of Babel; he was finished up to a certain point, and there he was left.

That biped Shank's mare is a very respectable animal, which you may borrow; or any body else's who may be disposed to lend.

Each little biped tells you that he has his own idea of God, and equally his own idea of the Devil.

On the ground beneath move enemies of a different kind, both biped and quadruped.

The reference is to the logical definition of man as "an unfeathered biped," which is as old as Plato.