Bipedal [adjective]

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On the ground these lizards have a rather awkward bipedal gait that is much slower than in Basiliscus vittatus.

He might read a lesson to many a two-legged prig, were the bipedal nincompoop capable of learning it.

This suborder includes the most specialised of the Dinosaurs, certain of which resemble the Theropoda in being bipedal.

The anterior limbs are much shorter than the posterior, pointing to a bipedal method of progression.

Here are reptiles with bat-like wings, and others with bird-like pelves and legs adapted for bipedal locomotion.

Following the turning over of the stubble under water, comes the clod smashing and harrowing by quadrupedal or bipedal labour.

Let us take, for instance, the elevation of man's ancestors from the quadrupedal to the bipedal position.

In the close-ups, he could see the bipedal beasts wielding cutting instruments.

It would seem probable that these ancestors were more or less bipedal, and adapted to live on dry land.

Bipedal, unarmored, with a single row of serrated cutting teeth, three-toed hind feet.