Bipolar [adjective]

Definition of Bipolar:

marked by opposite extremes

Synonyms of Bipolar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bipolar:

Sentence/Example of Bipolar:

Though commentators like Ian Bremmer of the Eurasia Group warn of a “great decoupling” between the US and China, with dire consequences for technology, talk of a new bipolar Cold War is overblown.

When a downswing in mood is coming, the GPS sensors in bipolar patients’ phones show that they tend to be less active.

Probably the most advanced use of digital phenotyping is to predict the behaviors of people with bipolar disorder.

By studying people’s phones, psychiatrists have been able to pick up the subtle signs that precede a bipolar episode.

My colleague at Emory, Frans de Waal, likes to call us the bipolar ape.

The design of Fig.10 has two poles in the field and two in the armature, and is what is known as the bipolar type.

A bipolar field has a hypertonic pole or centre of concentration, and a hypotonic pole or centre of dilution.

Some dynamos are bipolar, or have two poles, others are multipolar or have more than two.

When two are used they are arranged on opposite sides of the armature, and form what is known as the bipolar machine.

Smears from the spleen and the right axillary gland showed immense numbers of bipolar-staining organisms.