Birch [noun]

Definition of Birch:

bar, pole

Synonyms of Birch:

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Sentence/Example of Birch:

It is well known in Sweden that when a pine forest is felled, a growth, not of pine but of birch, immediately springs up.

By and by, a straggling birch bluff rose blackly across their way, but nobody swung wide.

The walls consisted of trees laid one upon another; and the roof was of birch bark.

In fact, there was not, in all the parish, a more generally unpopular man than Billy Birch.

Billy Birch would not shut up his dog at night, and as for killing him, that was out of the question.

I shall give 'em real turtle from Birch's, and as for fizz, they shall swim in it if they like.

Frances was the only observer of the change in the manner of Birch, and on turning to Harper, he had resumed his book in silence.

As quick as thought Birch was on his feet again, with the sword of the discomfited dragoon in his hand.

Birch supported the grave and collected manner that was thought becoming in a male mourner.

Then here I deliver to your hands a condemned traitor; this is Harvey Birch, the peddler spy.