Birched [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Birched:

Poor child,” thought Eric; “dear little Vernon: and he is to be flogged, perhaps birched, to-morrow.

The three boys wandered away as far as Acle, eleven miles from Norwich, whence they were ignomimously brought back and birched.

Take care of your book, cap, and gloves, or youll be birched on your bare bottom.

I hated this, and would rather have been birched secundum artem than to have seen the girls giggling at me.

The victims had first to go out into the woods to gather the branches with which later they were to be birched.

Sir Simon de Burley hath sworn he will have thee birched like any truant schoolboy.

For this he was taken before the visiting justices and birched.

Then the roll was called, a diminutive malefactor publicly birched across the back of his hand, and we returned to Chapel.

He was birched at school for everybody but himself, for he never deserved it!

I'll not be birched four times a week for merely tripping on a word, and have nothing to show for it but stripes.