Birching [verb]

Definition of Birching:

flail about; beat

Synonyms of Birching:

Opposite/Antonyms of Birching:

Sentence/Example of Birching:

The cadets were called to divisions, and the culprits, four or five in number, received then and there a good birching.

The Chief was too utterly fed up to do anything; moreover, he saw that a birching would do Gordon no good.

Without any hearing I was adjudged guilty, and promptly subjected to the punishment of the day—a good birching.

At the door of a schoolmaster was the not very tempting sign of a boy receiving a good birching.

Those were the good old days of birching, and yes, Mr. Morris had caught it.

The birching, bad as it had been, was redoubled in intensity.

Horse′woman, a woman who rides on horseback; Hors′iness; Hors′ing, birching a schoolboy mounted on another's back.

Also, see that you yourself don't go into the storeroom, or I will give you a birching that you won't care for.

You may not believe it, but the governor actually horsed me and gave me a birching; and the diamonds were locked up from that day.

They have not as much as had a birching; and I say that the college masters ought to be hooted.