Birdhouse [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Birdhouse:

Old Ringtail, as sure as I am standing here, and by the looks of things, trying his best to roost in my birdhouse!

The next morning I arose early and screened in the little birdhouse balcony.

I could see the hut and the little birdhouse black against the water.

A bluebird family has rented the birdhouse that my father built in our back yard.

But the woman betook herself home to the house again, made a new birdhouse, and dedicated it to the soul of her husband.

This pretty birdhouse Clinton had made with his own hands the previous winter.

And he said, ‘Barama, that is a pretty business—that birdhouse was my soul.’

It isn't even a city, in our sense of the term, no more than a birdhouse is a nest.

A good birdhouse, grain sprinkled about in early spring, a water-place, are invitations for birds to stay a while in your garden.