Birdlike [adjective]

Definition of Birdlike:

occurring in the air

Synonyms of Birdlike:

Opposite/Antonyms of Birdlike:


Sentence/Example of Birdlike:

But, as is ever the way with birdlike things, the hand slipped from its nest and left it empty.

She saw eyes—the marvellous, birdlike eyes of Bedouins—steadily regarding her beneath the darkness of peaked hoods.

The birdlike eyes roved towards Martin, who had just entered the room with the other men, and subjected him to a curious scrutiny.

But, later on, we learned that his description of the process necessary to keep up this birdlike posture was perfectly accurate.

She used to say I was like a bird, having something birdlike in my small dark head and the way I held it up.

In quieter intervals one heard the birdlike flight of bullets above one's head and the irritated bad temper of the machine-guns.

But Turnbull being of a more active and birdlike type of mind did throw a glance round the scene.

Birdlike she darted down upon it, seized, and tore it half across.

He hadn't suspected that the horse was Silver, but instinctively he had sounded the birdlike trill that Silver knew.

She is an infinitely old woman, for the most part birdlike, chirrupy, and wonderfully alive.